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Re: gotcha
where the fuck have i been??
well when they changed the site around,i have not been able to get on till now.
thanks for your patience.
here i am.
all is good.
i have been in the studio again here in los angeles,working on what would seem to be a solo record.
what a harsh world this showbiz can be.
i am waiting(see the pattern)for the verdict on these latest songs from interscope.
i am really happy with what i have been doing.
also in addition to that i just recorded a song for amnesty's make noise campaign.
i recorded a version of lennon's MIND GAMES----
which i mastered this morning and will be sending to amnesty right away.
i loved doing the track and of course hope to have not screwed it up.
it's mellow!!
and thank god as it is not trying to be anyting other than music as it is 5 minutes and 23 seconds long.
i will be around more now and appreciate you guys sticking by me.
i think it;s best when you see that i do not plan to abandon you,no matter how long between posts.
i hope you guys can understand it is a hectic time right now.and trust,i am cramming in the work so that when god's gift gets here,it can get my full attention for a while.
i will try not to write songs about the little thing just yet.
hope all is good with you guys.
all the angels-god bless
i'm working my way back to you.
gavin mcgregor rossdale
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